Week 9


Going into this, I was not sure what to expect since V-Ray and I have a love/hate relationship going on. Some days, it takes a few minutes, other days – hours. This time around it took hours, watching the videos took up most of my time. The videos were long and dreary… and it is dead week. Despite it communicating the skills and tools I needed to effectively render, sometimes I wished they would take a commercial break or dance break… something that will keep me awake.

Once I was sent on my own to conquer V-ray. The first thing I did was test out materials followed by turning on the sun and rendering. TADA, so bright, I know. I found that it is best to set the sun when it is setting, when the light isn’t overwhelmingly bright.


So I thought I could be render savvy and place a grass material – but obviously that did go too well. The vismat grass material I obtained from the internet rendered like this. I tried to trouble shoot this, but it was taking me quite a long time that I realized I was short on time and scrapped my goal of grass rendering. So here’s a picture, it looks like my waterpark is slowly sinking into a moss ocean of slime. 1

Here is rendering before I tweaked my camera settings, before I hit my V-Ray sweet spot. I was going to settle with this, but then I wanted it to be less blue of a tint since it seemsl ike it is in the snow.


Here are my final renderings, enjoy.

Reflection: V-Ray and I still maintain that love/hate relationship. That isl all.





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