Week 8


7 videos, 3 trusses, 1 Rhino, 1 Grasshopper: GAME ON.


When it came to watching the grasshopper tutorial videos, I had no problem following along. I found out about the 2 monitor set ups in the digital commons, it made my life so much easier. The only frustration I had with this assignment was the fact that I could not find “Linear Array” command using the school computers. I tried googling it, but that was no help. It was not until I talked to Joyce when she informed me that I had to download the latest version of grasshopper to be able to use that command. Shout-out to Joyce for being the real MVP. Also, when it came to the top chord misalignment, I was just going continue on and hope that no one would notice that it looked pretty funky. But in the end, everything worked out, above is a picture of my final grasshopper machine output masterpiece.


When it came to moving on to the next step, I opened my previous Rhino assignment. To my surprise, everything that see-through. I checked in the settings, I was not in “ghosted” or “wireframe” view…I was in “shaded”, where it is supposed to solid. I was very confused as to why everything became transparent. I tried going into tools > options and trying to trouble shoot it. But I got nowhere, so I just hopped on a different computer and carried on. It turns out, it was just that specific computer where my structures are see through.


Here are the three pavilions I put together. It was quite relaxing to create these structures and personalizing them. Each of them have their own specific character, and reflect the pool they are associated with. Below are images of it in context. Enjoy.


Pavilion 1: To reflect the straight forward geometry of everything else, I kept this one simple and on the pool landing itself to allow coverage on the shallow end and the option to walk in the shade or not.


Pavilion 2: This one, I made it go off the edges of the pool landing. I wanted to make it seem as if this structure was just placed there later on, and could possibly be temporary. And since it is all about those curve, I made this one the curviest of all.


Pavilion 3: This one is my personal favorite. It is a half on and off pavilion with its own ground plane. I designed it so that the back half is a solid wall, and the front part, columns to allow people to be able to walk to and from the pool directly.

Reflection: I still would not be able to do this on my own with Grasshopper. I still get a little overwhelmed when I see all those hoses and wires coming in and out of those commands. Yup, still holding on to my training wheels. But once the truss was baked, I was more comfortable with this assignment. I enjoyed manipulated and personalizing the pavilions… the gumball command deems so helpful.


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