Week 6


This is past summer I visited the Bahamas and went down this amazing waterslide. I was gong to replicate this in my Rhino model, but… I don’t know how to make Rhino sharks.


Here we go… This is the wireframe for my future slide. To create this, I used a variation of commands, which included: spiral, blend curve, interpolate points, join, mirror, array along curves. When it comes to the blend curve command, you can use this in place of the fillet command. Also, one must make sure that the join and trim check box are checked.


If you want it more true to the wireframe track you just created, you want to use the sweep1 command instead of loft. Loft will also warp the wedges and best-used if don’t want the same cross section. So to stay more true to the plan, stick with sweep1.


If you want to edit the arrayed wireframe pieces, just use edit points. As shown here, I used edit points and the gumball to widen the entrance of the slide and tilt it more in for a fun experience down.


Here they are combined, so you can compare how I changed it off the original.


Originally, I was planning on making 2 slides that started from the same entrance. A person would be able to choose their route down the slide. It was a great idea at first, but I think I got a little ambitious.


The part where the two slides joined became by biggest problem. I tried trimming and the Boolean commands, but it would not let me straighten out my slide. Sad day. I honestly still don’t know how to make it happen, but I ended up hiding one slide and keeping it pretty simple.


Here’s the final slide, it is inspired by a snake. I did not want to make it a tube, because a tube would be too mainstream. So I made this instead, tada.

Here are all the slides together set into the landscape. The final product, TADA.

1 2 3


Originally, I thought making slides would be a complicated process. But then I discovered you make it using the same process to make the seat of the chair from last week. Unlike last week, the sweep1 command was preferred over loft. This exercise was pretty fun to do, but the part that took the longest was determining when to stop editing and actually finish the slide with the sweep. Because you just keep one wanting to adjust it a little more every time.


Grasshopper: Grasshopper is an insect…but it is also a computer parametric designing add on. It allows you to build generative algorithms. I was going to put a pictures of a grasshopper, but Wuji refuses to let me. Grasshopper was cool to work with. Those hose parts were fun to drag here and there, it made me feel like a firefighter of some kind. The video was easy to follow, but I have never paused a video that many times before. The guy moved at such a fast pace, he was already on the next step when I was still flipping and reading through the tabs. If only there was a slomo button for videos like this. Besides that, Grasshopper seems so convenient in making different variations of items. But if I were to do this on my own, I’d get lost because it is so complicated.


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