Week 5

Chairs. Chairs. Chairs.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I made a chair,
I actually made a few.



Before starting to the chair making process, I had to go back and fix my stairs and railings. That bend command is so revolutionary. I also went back and added railings to the pavilion 2nd floor because I thought we only had to put railings for the stairs. When making the railings, I realized that my mustache pavilion roof was pretty low, so I went back and raised the roof using the section outlines and then re-lofted it.


When I created the pipes after using the pipe command, I saw that there were weird looking breaks in my structure at the handles. I went back and realized that when I used the fillet command, it was not “join=yes trim-yes”, it was “join=no trim=yes”. So I went back and switched both to yes, and then used the pipe command again, and from then on, it was a smooth transition from the base to the handles.


So smooth and clean looking.


End of video 2: Tada, here’s the lifeguard chair. The command used to create this include: divide, polyline, mirror, polar array, fillet, join>group, pipe with a radius of ½”, set cplane by 3pts, array along curve sweep 1 rails, solid>offset. I did not have too much trouble with creating this, it was actually quite enjoyable. I like working with the wireframe and surfaces to eventually manipulate them into solids.

chair2 chair1

Loft vs. Sweep: Loft is on the left and then sweep on the right. Personally, I like the fact that the loft command creates surfaces with significantly less edit points. It makes it easier to manipulate the surface to what you want it to be. You grab fewer things.


Here is my final chair, inspired by an evil lair chair. I feel like Dr. Evil and Mini-me will highly enjoy this chair, it just looks pretty evil, especially with those spikes at the top. To do this, I experimented a lot with edit points and the gumball command. I did not think the gumball command would come so handy in making chairs.

chair4 chair5

The left is chair before I started messing with the gumball command and edit points. The one on the right is my final lounge chair. Unlike the chair, this chair looks like it is made for a queen. A crown fit for royalty influenced that top part. It kind of actually looks like a ghost with little arms if you look at it.

Reflection: I actually enjoyed this tutorial significantly more than the previous ones. Instead of spending time being frustrated, I spent time manipulating and designing. The only problem I truly had was deciding when to actually stop messing with the design, because you always want to keep tweaking it and experiment. The polar array command made my chair base look pretty cool, that was first time I used the command correctly. The first 2 videos were very helpful with the tutorial part, but the last 2… were just designing advice. I found the first 2 more helpful since the others were more so based on design preferences. Overall, I like making chairs a lot more than making pools.


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