Week 2

During class, I followed along with Rob’s fast forward version of this assignment. So this is a screen shot of my starting point… Here we go~


Fast forward to roughly 1 hour later…

In honor of the Seahawks winning the NFC Championships, here is the final product in the colors of our beloved football team.


Assignment reflection: Originally, I struggled with tracing and moving the contour lines… “It’s so tedious, shouldn’t there be a short cut for this all? So. Much. Clicking. There has to be a fast way than this”, I thought. But after a while, I got the hang of it and the task started to become less of a chore. But really, is there a faster way to trace contours from a bitmap? Imagine if you had a bitmap with 100 contour lines, are you supposed to sit there and trace every single line? I would rather not do that. At one point during this assignment, the trim command and I were not getting along, it was trimming the wrong lines. It took me a while to realize that I still had a bunch of other lines selected in addition to the “topo trim” line – I had to hit escape TWICE to exit out of the command, not only once. Besides that, the assignment went smoothly.


For future reference… If your site actually exists and instead of tracing 100 contour lines, this video shows you how to import terrain directly from Google earth. But if your site does not exist, well then, you’re stuck tracing 100 contour lines…





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