If you look closely, my entourage are the members of One Direction, oh, plus me. 

3 copy

To “upgrade” my renderings, I added a few things to what I previously had. As you can see, I added a material to my chairs and made the left pavilion roof transparent. I wanted to the roof to look like glass, but when I rendered glass, it seemed like nothing was there, so under Vray, the roof is actually assigned “water”. I then went in and experimented with the Rhino sun and sky…and different settings to see which would cast the most shadow. Following this, I added in palm trees and people. Here are the rest of my upgraded renderings below…

2 copy1 copy4.0

Below is my attempt at a section perspective using the same technique I did in my studio final project. I had to create a surface using a clipping plane and then I trimmed the whole model itself to be able to get this shot. 5

Below is my plan rendering with the contour lines. The contour lines would not show up when I rendered… So I improvised. I ended up grabbing all the curves of the contours and extruding it as a surface 3 inches above the topography. And I am surprised and happy with how it turned out, TADA.  6

Here are renderings from my studio project – 1 section perspective and 2 interior renderings.

Section Perspective C Image 2 Interior This

Are you more comfortable designing with pencil or on the computer?

  • Personally, when it comes to the first stages of the design process, I am more comfortable with the pencil. I prefer sketching out my design ideas and putting my concepts on paper. At this stage, my mind is cluttered and nothing is “solid”. But once my ideas are more concrete and have a sense of direction, I feel quite comfortable switching over and continuing the design process on the computer. So pencil first, then comes the computer.

How do you like maintaining a Blog?  Might you do so again in the future?

  • Maintaining a blog is fun and helpful – I enjoy looking back to where I started a few weeks ago. I looked forward to posting my progress in conjunction with a silly photo, to add character to my blog. I appreciated how with a blog, you can personalize and customize blog posts to your liking. It is also nice to have everything available all on one site so if I forgot how to do something, I would know where to look for tips and tricks. In the future, I intend to start up another blog and record all my projects and model photos, so I can easily pull from my progress and place it into my portfolio if needed.

What is your comfort level with Rhino 5 for modeling tasks?

  • When it comes to Rhino, I feel comfortable using it for modeling tasks. Now that I know how to do solid>extrude curve, it made my life so much easier during studio. With all the commands I learned this quarter, modeling on Rhino is not as time consuming as it used to be. I do not feel super confident with Rhino, because I am no pro, but I feel like it just takes some time and experience.

How comfortable are you with rendering in Rhino using Vray?

  • Honestly, when it comes to rendering with Vray, I know just about enough to get by – And I am okay with that. Most of the time, I just get lucky with my renderings, it’s all about trial and error with me. There are just so many different options, tabs, numbers, and buttons when it comes to Vray; it is quite easy to get overwhelmed. But for all my Vray woes, I tend to approach Ben or Bryant to teach me their ways… and then save the Vray settings so I will never have to touch them again.

What do you think about Grass Hopper? -Can you imagine using it in studio?

  • Before this class, I had never heard of grasshopper – I just knew it as an insect. Grasshopper still makes me feel like a fire fighter with all those hoses. I enjoy using the program mainly because of the highly interactive interface. It still intrigues me how you can combine commands and inputs to be able to “bake” something into reality. And with that, I can definitely see myself using the truss grasshopper equation for future studios. But I’m not 100% confident I will be able to make a grasshopper equation on my own from scratch.

How did this course fulfill your expectations -or not.  From your own point of view, what should be added or deleted.

  • This class went above and beyond what I expected for this class. I thought we would be learning how to model in Rhino, but I did not expect grasshopper or Vray to be incorporated in this class. I’m thankful that it was. I believe the most successful part of this class was Rob’s tutorials; he went at a good pace and his screen looked exactly like mine. What detracted most from my learning were other people’s videos, especially the 45-minute Vray tutorials. Since they were not working on the same project as me and had Vray express, there was a disconnect. I feel like the moment we had to watch other people’s videos, I learned less and did not enjoy watching them.

Are you more confident about using computers in architecture than before you took this class?

  • Yes, I am. Before this class, when it came to computer modeling, it was more frustrating than anything. I used to get frustrated just thinking about it. But now that I have been exposed to the various commands and shortcuts, I am more confident about using computers in architecture. Thank you, Rob!

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