Test one


Week 1

1) What is “parametric modeling” in your own words? and What is the importance of parametric modeling in architecture ?

Parametric modeling is a fundamental technological system that defines and manipulates three-dimensional forms through advanced parameterized design. It relies on the intention, manipulation, and demonstration in computers regarding the 3D shape parameterized objects and configurations. In architecture, its significance relates back to the idea of change and design. It provides architecture the expansive means of analyzing and creating complex shapes, forms, and structures found throughout the world and even in one’s imagination.

2) How does it differ from what came before ? and Do you think parametric modeling is mainly for making free-form “blob” architecture?

Once upon a time, prior to parametric modeling, architects only had pencils and paper as a design medium. In comparison to the parametric modeling technology of today, the paper and pencil cannot relate or change together in a coordinated way. These past drawings were not in direct relationship with one another, one could only add and erase individual parts and pieces.

If I were to say that parametric modeling is only for making blob architecture, it is similar to me saying that an iPhone is only for taking selfies. I feel that parametric modeling is far more than just designing free form structures. The possibilities are endless and the only thing restricting such advanced and complex modeling is the architect’s imagination.

3) This article was published in 2006 when such approaches were fairly new -do you think they are more widely used now?  Very widely?  Or only a little more?  -base your response on some sort of external source of information (web or article),  and cite your source.

In comparison to 2006, the approach has become a little more used since the style is continually developing. It seems that most are still in the stage of understanding this challenging and advanced means of modeling. Hence why there are plenty of discussions on its definition alone. In an article, it states, “These battles and misgivings surrounding the term parametric are relatively recent. They signify, if nothing else, the growing importance of parametric modeling within the discourse of architecture.”


4) Have you used anything like parametric modeling yourself? and Do you think you will use it professionally later in your career?

Prior to googling “parametric modeling software”, I thought I was pretty aware of the many model programs when it came to designing. Oh boy, was I wrong. I have never heard of the parametric modeling software before this class… who names a program “grasshopper”? I have never used anything like parametric modeling. And of course, this field is constantly pushing for bigger and better things, and the yellow brick road is parametric modeling.

5) Can you think of ways it might be used in your design studios now?   If so, how?

In design studios, parametric modeling can be used to create structures that will show up everyone else in studio… or create structures that will give you funky looks. From structures, to diagrams, to iterations, this modeling is possible. But either way, designs studios are place to experiment and learn – the perfect place to explore parametric modeling.